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ForexUnity provides you a lot useful information about the structure of trading and the Forex broking business. With our free Forex tools you can optimize your trading to increase profitability.

Thousands of Websites, broker ads, books and seminars want you to believe that trading is a simple mind game. They argue that controlling your emotions and being disciplined together with some basic knowledge like limit the losses and let the profits run will make you a successful trader. So buy a trading book and visit the seminar and you can quit your day job, because you’ll get rich trading.

Would anyone believe that it is possible to become a professional poker player with just a seminar and a book?

“Detailed knowledge about your trading tools differentiates the sharks from the fish”

Reading and analyzing numerous trading sites and bulletin boards I found out that there is a dangerous mixture of misunderstandings combined with insufficient knowledge, which leads to frustration, anger about brokers and trading losses.

Trading is a knowledge game. It is important to know the markets, the underlyings, the intermarket correlations, and thousands of other important details. But it is most important to know your tools.

This is exactly what ForexUnity is for! Our Forex Community provides a lot of useful information about Forex trading. You can also download many forex tools for free.

In our Forex Forum you learn more about the structure of trading, the broking business and how to optimize your trading to increase profitability.

Be a shark, not fish. Join ForexUnity today!