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Django submitted a new resource:

VirtualTradePad One Click Trading Panel - For DigitalForex VPS users and our premium members only!

Trading Panel for manual/semi-automatic trading. Work with positions and orders! You can trade from the chart (chart window) or the keyboard. Opening and closing, Reverse and Lock.

The trading control panel of main orders in МetaТrader 5: buy, sell, buystop, buylimit, sellstop, selllimit, close, delete, modify, trailing stop, stoploss, takeproft.
The panel consists of 5 tabs: Work with positions, Work with pending orders, Work with account information...
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How to access this ressource?

You need to be a premium member in this forum.

You can apply for a premium membersip in three steps:

1. Order a VPS from through my affiliate link:
2. Write me a PM and privide me your VPS IP.
3. Wait until I confirm you the upgrade. It may take up to 24 hours.

You find more information here:
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D-J-A-N-G-O. The D Is Silent.
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Django updated VirtualTradePad One Click Trading Panel with a new update entry:

Version 20.911 2020.09.11

- Improved performance and graphics.
- Added full work with pending and limit orders on the chart.
---- Information about placed orders on the chart is displayed.
---- Ability to remove stop loss / take profit and pending orders from the chart.
---- Attention! Pending orders are displayed after positions. This means that orders are placed on the chart depending on the chart width.
- Changed text tips about prohibiting trading by server / terminal!
- The color of text labels of information...
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